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Friday Raid - Main Post

Post by Hayakan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:55 pm

Strategy 1
Gold Tiger plus whatever


  • The strategy involves having an attacker team, going all out until they die
  • Any character lineup is fine(preferably 2 supports and 2 attack rock types to fill the bonuses) as long as the MP Bonus is gained.
  • Although any character lineup is fine, try Melee only characters as ranged attackers may reposition too much, potentially getting too close to the Hongyeom on the bottom corner. Try to put them on the way depicted (arching the top corner)
  • The main aspect is a Ultimate Gold Tiger Hongyeom on the bottom corner: she needs to get stuck on the mini-island as the way depicted until the main team is killed. Once that is done, the boss will resume attacking GT Hongyeom who needs to survive while dealing lava damage
  • The purpose of the stuck Hongyeom is that the Boss will face the wall, so when he does the skill that he travels 3-4 tiles, he will always face the wall, thus always remain in front of Hong; otherwise he and Hong will move all over the map, wasting turns, damage potential and possibly dying earlier (and boss may even get stuck on the Rock Pads, which is the worst outcome)
  • You may use my Hongyeom(ID: Hayakan) or yours
  • If using yours, equip GT Hongyeom with high defense/HP%Recovery/Damage reduction sets (Slime King/Crusader Path/Extra Curriculum/etc) and defensive runes. Remember that she will deal damage via Lava and
    NOT skill damage.
  • If using your own GT Hongyeom, disable awakening and 2nd skill to have better MP/map control
  • NEVER use Mini-Yeka or pushers/pullers
  • You may throw in disarmers if you like.

Good for lazy raiders, as this always nets something around 6~12M with no effort. You may even go 18~24M depending on good lord skills management.

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Just created the account to troll
Just created the account to troll

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