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Thursday Raid - Main Post

Post by Hayakan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:53 pm

Strategy 1:


  • Reina can be replaced with your favorite - strong hitter Attack Scissors (Example: Jin)
  • Gillan may be replaced (or used alongside) Elektra or May.
  • Avoid pushers.
  • PAY VERY CLOSE attention on how much damage you cause per turn, to avoid using Guild Shelling too much. Even a SINGLE misuse can cause your final 2 Raboffs to accidentally kill her.
  • Pay close attention to the HP the boss has.
  • Pray that Boss is disarmed on every turn

A good run nets around 20M, but it usually oscillates between 2-10M depending on your luck.

Strategy 2
Bara-Man Defense


  • The strategy focuses on Churyeook. He will be receiving the punishment from Bathory
  • Churyeook full defense/HP/HP recovery gear. MOST important is to have 100%DoT reduction on the accesories TOTAL (having more than 100% doesnt have a good return), so either a sum of the slot 1,2 and 3 accesories or one pink modification on slot 5.
  • The rest should have Full Attack/Support Equipment
  • To avoid Boss using skill that swaps character, Only Churyeeok 3rd skill should be active. She may randomly do it, though.
  • Use guild shelling for the majority of the fight and switch to Combat Support when you see Churyeeok receiving high damage (20% or so)

Very easy to net more than 20M with good damage, provided she doesn't swap places with Churyeeok.

Just created the account to troll
Just created the account to troll

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