Tuesday Raid - Main Post

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Tuesday Raid - Main Post

Post by Hayakan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:42 pm

Strategy 1(Disarm):


  • Use fire support during Yeka's turn, otherwise strat will fail.
  • It will fail because Lilid will pull enemies on the side instead of boss: putting Lilid on a different slot will cause previous characters to get in the way, unable to pull boss to land.
  • Yeka will clear the mob when they spawn on her turn
  • Spam Guild support after turn 1, but watch out for boss HP to avoid killing him during disarmers turn.
  • Hope boss is disarmed every turn.
  • If lord gauge is full and could not disarm boss, prepare Ally Support to clean the Boss Disarm on your next turn.
  • Strong hitter has UGT: while Muzaka/Krut/Aran is preferred, heavy sustain characters work.
  • If you dont have Yeka, you may try using another AOE (Alfred may work, if he has water walk equip) or another rock

Strategy 2:
Ultimate Gold tiger char/Aggressive stance


  • Try to fill all bonuses (2 AOE, 2 Balance(Zero and another), 1 Rock Hard hitter).
  • This Strategy requires Zero, for characters to press rock pads: if you dont have him, you can pull the rest of the characters other than Hongyeom next to the enemies or as near to the boss as possible (Water will become passable due lava).
  • You can remediate this by equipping water terrain on characters on north/south rock pads.
  • DO NOT use long range chars for this strategy (Thanatos, Celestial, etc), since the boss will not hit them and kill UGT char instead.
  • All others chars other than Hongyeom have damaging equipment, to dish the most damage until they die, preferably until turn 5 (to hit with awakened skills). Avoid defensive equipment, as it risks UGT Hong to die.
  • Ultimate Gold Tiger char is your defensive/My mercenary Hongyeom.
  • Hongyeom should last until turn 30~40 depending on your usage of Combat Support; damage will come from Lava damage so it is imperative she can ALWAYS cast her third skill without running out of SP.
  • Save Combat Support until boss uses disarm skill, then cleanse on next turn and spam it until turn 25.

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Just created the account to troll

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