***Rules and usage of this forum***

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***Rules and usage of this forum***

Post by Hayakan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:33 pm

To whoever reads:
the forum was created on a personal effort of a few people in order to improve strategies and quality of life of the guild (whichever we are), since it not only benefits us personally as players (as SS rewards are better than just an S one) but it also will help us get a much higher rank in the Weekly ranking.

But before you go and read our darkest secrets unveiled please note that we do have some rules:

General Rules

  • Please try to keep a friendly attitude towards your guildmates. Being a jerk will only get you kicked.
  • We are aware that players have many different nationalities. We wont tolerate racism or grammar nazis.
  • Related, we recommend using English on the forums. Although some may speak different languages, we want to keep this ordered and universal
  • Please invite more people (to the guild and/or the game)!


  • Main strategies will be posted and snipped, but additional posts can be created to discuss new findings and strats. To keep it clean, if the strategy is good we will add it to the main strategy snips and those posts may be deleted, but we sure will give credit to the mates that posted them.
  • This is intended to work as a community forum for the guild. If you have a strategy that you believe it works better than the ones posted, we can discuss it over.
  • Whenever posting a Guild Raid strategy, please be as specific as possible (concerning equips and character traits if needed)
  • Forum mainly focused on guild raids, but we may also talk about the rest of the scenarios and modes.
Although it's pretty shitty, we intend to update as much as possible and make it more practical. But nothing too fancy, since it would take time, which is precious and expensive.

Just created the account to troll
Just created the account to troll

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