Raids - Common Strategies for low level lords.

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Raids - Common Strategies for low level lords.

Post by Hayakan on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:39 am

Know that we all started there.

And know that we also struggled a bit to get past that nasty A+ rank to finally hit S and we cried when we got our first SS-.
But despite your best efforts, there may be occasions where bosses show you where you stand (Thursday - Bathory seems like the perfect example of unfairness).

To improve your chances, there are some quirks that should help you be more efficient on raids:

Accessory equipment modifiers
Apart from the obvious Weapon/Armor modifiers, there are a few modifiers that go unnoticed by most Lords: these are MP/MP regeneration and Boss Damage%.
You want to have characters for some lineups to NEVER run out of MP, as they would inevitably start using lv1 skills and moving out of position. Using Lord Skills will help to keep the MP pool regenerating, but you may want to invest on extra MP/MP Regeneration
Raid focused equipment (Red Ranger set or Legacy of High Humans) or even platinum accesories, should have the maximum possible "boss damage %" output: having all accesories with legendary Boss damage% modifiers nets an extra 50% more damage to raid bosses.

Contrary to what normal gaming would say, overkilling a boss in raids is actually beneficial.
In fact, in order to get a much better score for low level lords, it is suggested that the 1st/2nd character that strikes should have the most attack power possible.
For example, if the first form of the boss has 70,000HP and you land a hit that causes 69,000 damage, if the second attacker causes more than 1,000HP (in this example, 120,000 Damage) it will be giving a much better score than if the first attack caused 71,000 Damage and killed the first form.
Plan ahead how much damage your characters dish in order to overkill as much as possible. Avoid using Guild Shelling to final hit bosses (unless the situation calls it so)

Know how to use Mercenaries in raids:
some Mercenaries work great on strategies that involve a single man unit (such as Gold Tiger strategies or Boss tanking) and can make your score resemble that of a veteran lord who had worse luck.
Since asking in-game can be a bit tricky, you should use this forum to ask and discuss equipment and sets.

Lord Skills
Before entering a raid, note that your lord Gauge is used on the Guild Skills, so fill it before you enter the raid. Some notes about the skills:
Guild Shelling - Not only damages 16000 to the boss, but also heals MP.
Fire Support - Not only kills all minions, but also heals MP.
Absolute Protection - Reduces incoming damage for one hit and heals around 24000 to all characters. DOESN'T heal MP.
Combat Support - Heals HP/MP and also removes some Buff/Debuffs.

Raids know how's:
Monday - Boss benefits from having a larger crowd pummeling him Melee with Thorns damage: you may think thorn damage is something to laugh about, but you will slowly realize how quick and easy is to kill yourself.
To low level players, have long range attackers combined with preferably a tank melee.
Weaknesses: Immune to all, but Stun.

Thursday - Boss is stronger being on water. He also disarms for TWO turns the more characters are around him, which is essentially a perma-disarm (provided all your characters don’t die, he keeps doing it every 2 turns).
Having long range attackers that can walk on water and only 2 melee/short range is essential. Pulling him to ground is also a great idea.
Weaknesses: stun usually gets him on the first phases, but can be disarmed on all phases.

Wednesday - Boss has immunity to all status, so rather you may want to start on working on YOUR immunities, since he causes a nasty 2 turn Stun and also can confuse you. He can be considered your first "unfair" boss.
You can try and deal as much as possible on the first turns, before he destroys you. Aggro equips on a tank (like Valkyrie or Chris) can make the fight a bit longer.
Weaknesses: None. Badass motherfucker is immune to every stat.

Thursday - Probably everyone's favorite and not for a good reason. Her DoT is unblockable (meaning you shouldn't really spend much on setting accessories with DoT absorption), but she is on the frail side.
Unfortunately, her DoT is extremely damaging and stacks the more you get hit, so even if you somehow survive her attack, you may still die from the DoT on your turn...
Weaknesses: stun usually gets her on the first phases, but can be disarmed on all phases.

Friday - Like most bosses, he is on the nasty side as well, but given the fact he is alone and has no Thorns damage, makes this boss a bit better. He can cause confuse, so be sure to have the immunity or a character to cleanse it.
Weaknesses: stun usually gets him on the first phases, but can be disarmed on all phases.

Saturday: Oh boy. Either this fight can last for long, or it can end as fast as on Thursday. Since the focus on this boss is power, you can expect him to destroy your team in one hit; this is mostly thanks to the layout of the stage. Some low level strategies work if you pull/push the boss to the left or right side, making the minions are more controllable.
You may need to use fire support, as the stupid game AI favors killing minions over bosses and may waste a stun chance to do it on the "more fearsome" minions that die on a single hit.
Since the boss doesn't do any negative stat work mentioning, the minions do cause weakening and stacks on each of their hits...
Weaknesses: Immune to all, but Stun.

Sunday: Deimos Da-man itself. His normal attack can cause confuse and he has that "normal deimos" 3rd skill, however, it is a modified version that can either Pull or PUSH you away, potentially making your team go on every direction. As with most bosses, try to keep one character tanking the boss as much as possible, while the rest attack from afar.
Note that despite Deimos being a scissors hero, this boss usually swaps his type on each few phases generally ending as a Paper Type.
You also may want to leave one character covering the lower area, to avoid minions going out from there, since their attacks taunt characters and may cause more problems that they are worth.
Weaknesses: Immune to all, but Stun.

If you have any other recommendation, discuss to add.

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