Characters required for Raids

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Characters required for Raids

Post by Hayakan on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:52 am

Althought most characters on FWT are interchangeable in terms of roles and usage, there are a few that are incredibly more useful/resourceful than <insert your favorite character>. Divided are the must haves and characters you could have as backup.

Lee: Indoubtely, the most useful character for raids. Super Long Range 3rd and 2nd and most skills focus vs single target destruction.
Most used for: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Evan: If for some reason Lee is not around, Evan can take his role. However, in terms of practicity and positioning, he is a bit less useful than Lee.
Most used for: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Sione: As weird as it sounds, Sione is not exactly for attacking, but having her helps in a few raids. Getting her is quite a pain, however...
Most used for: Monday and Sunday.

Jin/Reina/Ragna: Scissor attackers specially used to cause massive damage to certain bosses.
Mostly used for: Thursday and Friday

Krut/Aran/Jin Kisaragi: Rock attackers with some sustain/skills to improve guild scores better.
Mostly used for: Tuesday and Friday

Celestial/Rachel/Raizel/Jenny: Paper "attackers" used for a particular raid, but good to have them overall.
Mostly used for: Saturday

Raboff:Invaluable in certain raids as he can disarm for two turns. If boss or him are stuck diagonally, he will ALWAYS use 3rd skill. But like with most disarmers, luck/RNG is a huge factor.
Mostly used for: Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

Gillan: When Raboff is not around, Gillan plays his part. Has a range Disarm, but it is for 1 turn only.
Mostly used for: Tuesday,Thursday and Friday

Yekaterina:Having Yeka, Raboff and Gillan on the same party is always a good thing. Unfortunately, getting Yekaterina is fairly difficult for newer players and maxing her skills is so too. There is also the fact she is only really useful for an extra raid...
Mostly used for: Tuesday

Lilid: Fat Luffy covers the role of puller for a lot of strategies posted on the internet. The ones here also has him fill that role. Usually, he pulls, Lily pushes and so ends his role, so dont expect much from him.
Mostly used for: Wednesday

Lily:Be sure to max his 3rd skill, otherwise you will scream to the denizens of hell when he FAILS at pushing.
Much like Lilid, he pulls, Lily pushes and so ends his role.
Mostly used for: Wednesday

Deimos: Compared to the other freak shows, Deimos could be built as damagy as possible, thus making his role a bit more varied.
Mostly used for: Monday and Thursday.

Mu: Mu is probably the best stun hero that there is, as her stun is 100% assured to happen, provided the boss doesnt resist the stun. She is likely the first candidate to get with the ancient coins.
Mostly used for: Saturday.

Alex:Alex is a great hero to have overall, as his 2nd skill is excellent for 2 raids and he can be swapped to cover the role of a stunner, thanks to his AOE 3rd skill stun.
He should be your first choice when using Blue Genes. And Second. and Third.
Mostly used for: Saturday.

Unknown: Unknown is only used for one raid, but like Mu, he is fairly easy to get, so having both makes things a lot easier.
He is likely the 2nd candidate to get with the ancient coins.
Mostly used for: Saturday.

Valkyrie: Probably the best Paper based hero currently and also a great option for certain raids if you don't have some heroes to cover their roles. In terms of raids, she is Meh, since she is only particularly useful for one raid and mid-useful for others.
Mostly used for: Sunday.

Muzaka/Caith Sidhe: Both are interchangeable in terms of usefulness. Since most newer players likely do not have Muzaka, they can instead use Cait as a sort of replacement. Unfortunately, Cait is listed as an Attack Role, so to fill some bonuses you may need to add 2 defense heroes.
Mostly used for: Tuesday and Sunday.

Belle:Some effort is required to get her and she mid useful on a couple of raids. Being the only "pure" healer on the game, you may wanna spend all of your medals on her to unlock her and then use perfect genes to max her.
Mostly used for: Sunday.

So that's the list. Review the daily raids and check which ones work better!

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