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DarkKingz Status

Post by Hayakan on Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:32 pm

To all guildmates,

As you may know, currently DarkKingz is on a dire situation: we don't know when Raisty will return after 2+weeks of his abscence but the guild is slowly falling apart.

Im personally not well versed of how the Guild system works, but if it would happen that if his would somehow affect the guild (GuildMaster inactivity) it would be automatically disbanded or such mechanics. Even if that's not the case, we face the next:

  • Raisty was one of the major scorers of the guild which is hurting our weekly scores
  • Since he is not here, we cannot log or check who is being inactive or absent to Kick.
  • Likewise, we cannot invite new people to the guild to improve attendance bonus and score.
  • Guild morale is falling quite a bit, causing some unexpected guild leaves or long abscenses.

So, we are thinking of creating a new guild essentially.

Whether if you decide to follow us or try luck on other options, it is up to you and we will wish you luck if so; but if you had liked the merry bunch we manage to create on this time, we will glady welcome you.

With that in mind, we will try to be more dynamic in that sense by having a meeting point that is not in-game, since often we want to view the other guildmates opinions and a forum seems like a good option to do so.

Zephyrsama, Nier0 and myself will be leaving DarkKingz circa on Sunday this week, since we are almost at the beggining of Season 2, which seems like a dramatic excuse to do all this, but we just happened to have this idea around here.

We welcome you to try and make this new project (guild and forum) to be a bit more active and join us on this weird experiment.

Thank you,

Just created the account to troll
Just created the account to troll

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