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Sunday Raid - Main Post

Post by Hayakan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:13 pm

Strategy 1:

This is a Belle tank strategy. The more tankier Belle is, the better (use DEF/HP% equipment instead of Counter Build preferably).


  • Use your own Belle, preferably.
  • You can use any Merc, but use one that can AOE enemies.
  • Sione MUST have at least a +1MOV equipment or strat will fail.
  • Sione may be replaced with Evan (not tested).
  • Carrot/3rd slot hero, can be replaced with any character that has a LONG RANGE 3rd skill, otherwise it will move out of position.
  • Carrot/3rd slot hero, can die but can be geared to cause massive damage to boss before dying.

If you use your own Belle & Lee/Sione:
*Use Formation as in picture
If you use your own Belle but no Lee/Sione:
*Leave Valkryie/tank alone(put her on the tile next to the water so minions cannot go out). Merc slot should be Lee/Sione(preferably Lee, due the +1MOV requirement on Sione).
If you dont have Belle or not geared enough:
*Ask guild to put Belle on Merc slot.
If no Belle/Lee/Sione/Evan:
*Use Blitzkrieg or another strat xP

It MAY be possible to replace Belle with Bearman/Deimos (fully tanky) and have a support such as Mas support Bearman, but the AOE of Normal attack from Deimos may OHKO the support.

If everything is in order, should give around 2.5M~5M or more.

Just created the account to troll
Just created the account to troll

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